Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Energy of Spring: Five Ways to Connect

There's something about Spring that makes you feel alive and awake. Basking in what seemed to be an earlier than usual Spring this week, many New Yorkers rejoiced. Spring, in fact, is early in both a meteorological and astronomical sense. This year spring made its earliest arrival since the late 19th century: 1896. With the added boost of sunshine and light there are many ways we can celebrate and incorporate the cycles to support our well-being.

Celebrated as the Return of Light, the vernal equinox highlights the point where the days and nights are of equal length, with the days continuing to build in length and the nights shortening until the time of the Summer Solstice in June. It is during the vernal equinox that we can sow our seed intentions for the current year. In ancient times after harsh weather conditions, shortage of food and perhaps times of isolation, celebrating in community for new births, increased prosperity and increased expansion was the norm.
The March equinox coincides with many cultural events, religious observances and customs that center around stepping into the light, rejoicing in renewal, rebirth and regeneration. Some of the holidays associated with the Vernal Equinox are Alban Eilir, Eostar, Festival of Trees, Eostre, Feast of Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Lady Day, NawRuz, No Ruz, Ostara, Ostra and Rites of Spring. Springs also brings holidays such as Easter and Passover.

Whether your mind, body or spirit has collected some quite real or psychological dust…it’s time to brush it off!

The beginning of the astrological year in Aries, highlights new beginnings, the self, trying new things and bursting forward from idea to manifestation.

1.     Just Breathe please…Take a moment and connect to your breath. Breathing in through your nose and releasing through your mouth. Allowing your eyes to gently close. Imagine that you are releasing what you no longer need through your exhalation and bringing in new energy with your inhalation.

2.     Be mindful: As you sit paying attention to your breathing and connecting more to a mindful and present state ask yourself if there is a quality that you need to bring into your life? Ideas: compassion, hope, joy, acceptance, peace, optimism, love, right action, patience, courage. Repeat this word and let it become your personal mantra as you take time each day to breathe and bring in your much needed quality. Write it down on an index card, make it your wallpaper on your screen.

3.     Get moving! Get thee to Nature! Take a walk, a jog, a visit a local park. Connecting to nature tends to bring even the most inflexible parts of ourselves into greater balance. You don’t have to think, or do anything. Just show up and let yourself BE at least for that time.

No list can be complete without the appropriately named,
 Spring Cleaning.

4.     Restore & Renew!
  • While most of us don't subscribe to the ancient proverb that "cleanliness is next to godliness", there are few of us that would argue how great it feels after an in-depth Spring cleaning. Yes, a general cleaning of our home AND work space can assist us in feeling renewed and ready to step out into the world feeling refreshed! Roll up your sleeves and get to it!
  • Update your diet. This new season calls for more activity. Eat fresher food and take the time to savor what you are consuming.
  • Go through wardrobe, furniture, papers, “stuff” that can collect during introspective or inactive times. Let it go, recycle, sell it. Do away with what no longer serves you. Releasing the old makes room for the new to enter your life.
  • Look around. Do you think your environment needs an energy lift? Scientists have been researching how color affects mood for years. Take the time to explore what large/or small change you could do for your home or work space that will support you in stepping into a more renewed sense of well-being. Splashes of red, orange and yellow add energy and enthusiasm while blue, green and violets tend to represent tranquility and relaxation.
  • Take a look in the mirror. Perhaps a new haircut, highlighting or something that makes you feel revamped, renewed, reinvented…
5.     Connect with others: Rally your people. I know of no better way to feel renewed or welcoming the light then to gather friends and family over a meal or even calling on them to get involved in a larger cause. Connecting to community, gathering our human forces to assist others going though unsettling times is a great way to express gratitude. Honor the cycles of giving and receiving. Renew your mind, body and spirit by connecting to our global human family and make a difference that can return the light to someone...after all, isn't Spring all about the hope and potential for a better and more fulfilling life? Let's share that potential, hope and energy with our global family.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Leveraging what you are AMAZING at into your Business

BE AMAZING! by Sylvie Fleury @Jen Bekman Gallery

This question keeps popping up this week so I just had to post!

Danielle LaPorte’s (http://www.daniellelaporte.com/ ) Spark Kit asks, 

"What do you think your form of genius is?"
"What are you amazing at?

Many respond: “my courage, my kindness, my caring, my personality, my sense of humor” and then kinda scratch their head… “but how do I leverage these qualities in my business?”

More often than not, our best strengths are not necessarily skills or special talents but just our PRESENCE. When people feel comfortable around you, expressing affinity towards you... we tend to overlook that great strength. Sometimes we take our natural gifts for granted or do not view them as strengths and forget them when in pursuit of our worldly career expression/expansion.

The question becomes, “How do I use ME in my business?”

First, let’s take a step back and recognize…PASSION.

Yes, those people with the gleam in their eye and I'm not talking the greedy gleam of $$$$. I'm talking about those people who are SO passionate about what they do that you can barely keep your eyes off them.

Whether they are public relations professionals, performers, light workers, teachers, artists, healers, leaders...It doesn't matter WHAT they do, it's HOW they do it that makes them magnetic. 

Have you ever noticed that by just being in the "presence" can affect you positively? Or consider the flip side, people with tons of negativity. The negativity can translate into increased anxiety and fatigue when you are around them.

People vibrating a certain tone, energy or quality just seems to "uplift, energize, galvanize, heal, soothe" you or others. That's why walking your talk and living your truth is so important. 

When you are living what is in your heart, you are unstoppable. You are plugged into the Source, the purest emanation and others will seek you out. By loving yourself with all you've got, with all your mind/body/spirit, you will be the lighthouse that brings those ships (clients) home to themselves, to their love, their light. 

I know that my presence heals, soothes, and inspires without saying a word. People have told me. I feel it. It's because of the energy I am bringing to the table. Like attracts Like. Frankly, that's why I am involved in certain activities and groups. I want to be surrounded by people on their purpose and in their passion emanating what I am cultivating in my own life and what I am evolving my life to be. 

Every time I read a post, it makes my heart sing & my soul expand...I am at the right place, with all the right people, gathering power for each person to shine forth their passionate purpose in their own lives and for the world.

Cultivate your own love, your own self-care, live your truth, fall off the wagon & get back on...this will draw those that are meant to work with you. Don't feel you have to be perfect to be a teacher, coach, salesman, police officer... NO SUCH THING. 

We are perfectly imperfect. Those things we often think are imperfections hold the nuggets of soul lessons & wisdom we need to learn and dare I say...teach? They say that we teach what we need to learn, and I believe it. It took several years for me to become an expert, plus some more to stand up without fear and say I am one : ) 

It is my deep conviction that we are born with everything we need for what we are meant to do. That means that we have the right vehicle (body) the right amount of humor and capacity for growth. Now, what we do with what we are given is up to us. 

Everything you need is WITHIN you already. Life draws people, circumstances, and situations that allow for the growth of our organic soul seeds, for the development of our truest nature. I've been a cheerleader all my life, looking at the bright side and always, always feeling that sacred connection to the Divine. I wrote a letter to God/Great Spirit/the Universe when I was 19 and asked to be a vessel for inspiration, communication, healing and growth. 

The word I was searching for was transformation. I didn't know it at the time. Life took me through many a maze and the bottom line was that I SERVED wherever I was. As a guide and facilitator, I was doing what I do at every job I've ever had! It didn't matter the title. I was assisting people to release the past, step into their own SHINE, be who they dream of being and live their heart's desire.

I am growing everyday and reaching different levels of understanding. There is truly so much for me to learn about business, etc. People are inspired by REAL stories, real journeys of loss, love, wisdom. The more we risk, learn & live the more we have to offer. People relate to overcoming struggles & facing the usual human obstacles. I am good at dealing with my client’s issues because I have been there in so many ways. Everything that you have experienced...good, bad or even ugly, has honed you for this present moment of pure possibility. If you ask yourself...you know that all the true power lies in the NOW.

1. Find out what you are AMAZING at
2. Honor your GENIUS by loving/accepting yourself
2. Go out and DO IT!
3. Hone your GIFT- give it away  
4. Keep your focus on SERVICE
5. Accept your expertise & get PAID
6. Do what you LOVE
7. Keep growing & SHARE the joy

Now do us all a favor...and GO Be AMAZING!  

We are waiting for YOU!

copyright V.Codorniu 2012

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Awaken & Create!

Full Moon in Taurus & 11:11:11

 Manifesting Divine Spirit

I know as many of you, at the Lightworkers are here and awakening. As the Hopi Elders have said: "We are the Ones we have been waiting for." We have everything we need to change our lives, ourselves, our world. Many people are awakening,  realizing that there is more to life than this lovely Earth school. Many are recognizing patterns,  addiction to the past and have an increasing desire  for greater joy, peace and joy in their lives and in the world.

Hearing the small whispers of our inner voice... all of us, slowly and sometimes quickly...are being guided to step into our magnificent power of choice. The power to CHOOSE love over hate, the power to CHOOSE self-acceptance over self-criticism and the power to allow our mind, body and spirit to pursue our deep soul-calling dreams AND our greatest healing.. Each of us creating the change we wish to see in our lives and inevitably or world. For as each of us releases the past and accepts our ability to choose we change our families, our partnerships, our schools, our education and dare I say...our governments and businesses as well.

Historically many seeking change have sacrificed their lives, martyred themselves for the greater good. It is my belief that this gateway to spiritual consciousness for the world begins with US. As givers, lovers of life, teachers, nurses, CEOs, writers, police officers and consciously evolving human beings we may often ignore our own needs. In this new spiritual era let us release the archetype of the martyr. As we step into this gateway now, we need to commit to our healing, our self-acceptance and own our power to choose and create. We are truly willing participants in this journey called LIFE.

Allow this 11:11:11 gateway to help you WALK your TALK. As you give others compassion, give yourself as such. As we accept and love ourselves, we will have an easier time of accepting and loving others.

1. Take quiet time and allow yourself to BE. Do not fill your mind with what must be done. Know that when you give yourself some time in the void... creativity is soon to follow!

2. Meditate deeply on what you wish to leave behind when you pass. 

3. What is the spiritual imprint you will leave behind? What values and vision do you want to live and breathe in your community?

4. If you are already on your path rejoice and re-commit to your true calling today! If you've been hiding, afraid to name, speak or voice your particular way to bless the world...STEP UP! Start that novel, direct that play, that new business or dare to travel. Make your dreams come true NOW.

5. Promise yourself, commit to something that is important to you and close your eyes and visualize every detail, nuance and possibility. Believe and you will perceive this reality as opportunities that you achieve.

6. Write down, draw or otherwise visualize what you are bringing in during this Full Moon in Taurus & 11:11:11 gateway. Examples: Divine Order, Peace, Joyful Transformation, Abundance, Sacred Service, Harmonious partnership, Right Action, Soul-centered Business, Divine Awareness.

7. Affirm that this is so and know that it is. Let your deep intuitive voice carry you thru earthly doubts and woes. Commit to your highest most beautiful truth about yourself, your loved ones, your dreams & aspirations and world you wish to see and experience NOW.

Looking back on this year of change, transformation, community, integrity and SO much love I am so BLESSED. I am overwhelmed by the dreams that have come true, the beautiful, honest clients and friends that I have met and am working with. As I look deeply and understand that I am living my soul's calling I also re-commit to evolving my offerings and my programs so that they can best support my amazing clients and myself. I am committed to shining my light & holding space so that others may SHINE.

Keep shining!

Smiles, Spirit y mucho amor!
Vanessa 11:11

Spiritual Gateway & What it Means For Us  

All over the world people are gathering today on 11:11:11, from innovative wellness centers in Williamsburg, NYC, cozy suburban backyards to ancient mystical sites such as Peru and Egypt... the aim is the same: ushering in and entering thru a Spiritual Gateway of conscious evolution.

Using music, movement, sound, meditation and visualization those gathered will offer collective intentions to seed the world with peace, harmony, and compassion for Earth's inhabitants as well as for future generations yet to come to earth.
11.11.11, is the eleventh time since January 1st 2001 (1.1.1) that a date representing a month, day or year, repeats itself on our calendar. The numbers repeat three times, the date creates a visual marker not only on the calendars and watches but also in human consciousness. This pattern speaks to our deepest unconscious. This rare occurrence will not occur for one hundred years and four generations will be born, live and will die within that time span.

The Meaning of the Numbers 11.11.11

There is a metaphysical aspect in the vibration of numbers and each of the sequence of repetitive dates on the calendar (1.1.1, 2.2.2, 3.3.3 through 12.12.12) hold a unique meaning and power based on symbolic numerological interpretations. 

The number 1 symbolizes the Great Initiator, the Creator-God, the masculine energy manifesting itself in the world, spawning new beginnings. When that number 1 resonates and repeats itself, it manifests as an 11 which is a "Master Vibration Number" that represents "The Spiritual Messenger." It is the messenger that brings inspiration and revelation from a higher plane. This spiritual vibration is the foundation of compassionate love on a global scale.

Its power is intensified this year because on November 11, 2011 (11.11.11) the number resonates three times as a "Master Triune Number." An elevated frequency master triune number has the ability, through its nature, to open an expansive awareness in each of us. As the collective consciousness of individuals becomes awakened and aware, the invisible energy behind the visible speaks to our deep souls. These stirrings open a portal causing a profound remembering that represents the Divine Spirit awakening in each of us. In one way or another we are answering that calling on different levels and responding.

How are you answering this call?

If you are interested in exploring your calling and releasing patterns that no longer serve you, consider working with me and thru our work together you will

* Connect to your calling & intuition
* Release patterns and past which no longer serve you 
* Release stress & anxiety as you connect to greater well-being and peace
* Explore & establish a spiritual practice that supports you thru life

May this gateway herald a time of positive change for you!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Día de los Muertos: Keeping Mexican traditions alive in NYC

The belief in the circle of life and death is alive and well in Mexican culture. Death is not to be feared as spirits of the departed are welcomed, honored and remembered.

Halloween marks the beginning of the fiesta of what we refer to in the United States as the Day of the Dead - El dia de los Muertos.Most often referred to as the Day of the Dead, it is actually a fiesta that lasts several days. Los Dias de los Muertos (the Days of the Dead) extends for three days, October 31 - November 2.

The festivities include lively mariachi music, colorful art, sugar skulls, marigolds, humorous costumes, decorating of gravesites and the building of altars. During these days people celebrate the lives and the memories of those who have crossed to the other side. It is a time when the departed souls are allowed to come back to the world for a visit. Preparations are full of excitement and merrymaking.

On October 31 (our Halloween) families begin preparing the food, decorations and the altar (ofrenda) that will be used during the festivities. November 1 (All Saints' Day-Roman Catholic Church’s day for Saints) is the day that the angelitos (spirits of the dead children) arrive. November 2 (All Souls' Day-Roman Catholic Church remembers the departed) is the day for the spirits of the adults arrival.

The spiritual practice of celebrating dead ancestors has been observed by indigenous civilizations perhaps for as long as 2,500–3,000 years. Even in the pre-Hispanic era, it was common to keep skulls as trophies, objects of power and wisdom and display them during the rituals to symbolize death and rebirth. Particularly in Mexico it is traced back to the Aztec calendar and it was celebrated during an entire month. The celebrations were dedicated to the “Lady of the Dead.”

In Guatemala the celebration is marked by creating and flying giant kites as well as visiting cemeteries.

In Ecuador, the Day of the Dead is observed by most of the people but it is especially significant to the indigenous Kichwa people. The families gather atthe community cemetery with offerings of food and partake of native ceremonial foods like colada morada,a spiced fruit stew that includes blackberries and purple maize and guagua de pan, a bread shaped like a swaddled infant with guava filling.

In Brazil, this public holiday of Finados ( the Deceased) is celebrated on November 2. Families go to church and cemeteries with flowers, candles and prayers.

Rituals, celebrations and prayers for the departed are also found throughout the world in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Whether it’s a tradition you embrace or are simply curious about exploring, here are some interesting happenings in NYC that may open you up to a whole new way of seeing things...


Day of the Dead Tequila Tasting at Mayahuel, Monday, November 2 9:00pm, $50
Location: 304 E. 6th St.

Day of the Dead Exhibit at Azucarera Gallery, Through November 12th
Location: 414 West 145th St.
Mexican born and New York-based artists Felipe Galindo and Andrea Arroyo present an diverse combination of work. Galindo features a humorous series of pieces inspired by the traditional Day of the Dead family alter, while Arroyo’s works focus on the tragedy of the disappearing women in Juarez, Mexico.

Day of the Dead at Saint Marks Church in the Bowery
Saturday, October 29-Wednesday, November 2, FREE
Location: 131 East 10th St. between Second and Third Avenues
Mano a Mano recreated a Mexican village churchyard and offers activities to honor those who have passed. Celebration includes workshops in alter-building, paper flower making, poetry, and bread baking. Dance procession and musical performances also part of the festivities. See website for full schedule.

Union Settlement Associations Day of the Dead event, Wednesday, November 2, 6:00-7:00pm
$1 for children, $2 for adults
Location: 237 E. 104th St. between 2nd and 3rd Ave
Traditional Mexican food from 6:00-7:00 followed by dance and Mariachi performances.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Eight Ways to Let Go...

Sometimes when things come to an end, we feel more than slightly lost. When a relationship, friendship or job ends it could seem to crash our world. Our blood, sweat, tears, hopes and often life-long dreams seemed to be shattered. Other times the endings are not so serious and yet they tug at our heart strings. Life could seem to be out-of-control or at a sudden standstill. The truth is though, that life has changed, it will never be the same again. While we do need to honor that transition we should keep in mind that the wise ancients always said that only thing we can count on is CHANGE. If we have experience and who doesn’t once you’re past the age of eight…you know somewhere deep within that this too shall pass. For most of us, eventually it does. But what of those aches that last?

Eckhart Tolle, number # on the Watkins 100 Spiritual Power List, believes we create and maintain problems because they give us a sense of identity. Caroline Myss. Medical intuitive and NYT bestselling author, has said that we have learned the language of woundology and it has become a way to identify ourselves and connect with others. How do we let go with grace and ease while being honest with ourselves? We may be spiritual beings having an earthly experience but if the dog bites, it sure hurts…yet we are not our “story.”

So what are some things you can do while dealing with a transformation in your life? Sometimes these endings are expected like graduating from school, sometimes they come unawares…death, lay-off, natural disaster destroying your home. How can we cope in as spiritual a way as possible?

Here are 8 user-friendly ways to get through endings:

1.Let yourself have a breakdown: Iyanla Vanzant said at Hay House this weekend Sept 17-18, “ Just cuz you’re spiritual doesn’t mean you can’t have a breakdown. But it can’t go on forever. Set a time, cry, yell, let it out, feel what’s inside of you.” According to Dr. William Frey II, PH.D., biochemist at the Ramset Medical Center in Minneapolis crying away your negative feelings releases harmful chemicals that build up in your body due to stress.

2.Talk to a friend: You don’t need ten friends, you need one or two good ones that will truly listen as you express your deepest feelings. Sometimes we REALLY just need to be HEARD and received with love and compassion.

3.Engage in a physical activity: Exercise decreases stress hormones and increases endorphins, chemicals that improve your state of mind. During a serious break-up...I turned UP the DANCE quotient in my life. I started belly dancing like 6 times a week! My mami was stressing out that it would become my next career and I was like "Mami!, be HAPPY I'm moving when all I wanna do is lay there!"

4.Follow a spiritual practice: Use meditation or yoga to bring you into the present moment instead of re-living the past or worrying about the future. Hopefully you have a practice that supports you, if you don't...it's a PERFECT time to start one! Make it simple, make it something you like and can manage.

5.Be grateful: Identify what the experience taught you to help develop a sense of closure. Be thankful for the shared time, the experience and the growth that you have acquired. Don't worry about how the "other" proceeds with you, watch how you proceed. End with as much compassion, love and gratitude that your boundless soul can offer.

6.Laugh it out: Research shows that laughter releases tension, improves your immune system, and even eases pain. People report that  they have healed illness with laughter so go ahead...put some comedic salve on that hurting heart : D

7.Focus on productive actions: Clean your room, your desk, your closet, start a hobby instead of dwelling on things you can’t control. When we are sad or nostalgic we tend to s-l-o-w down so get a move and get rid of stuff. Get a friend to join you on a project, it will get your blood flowing and your heart healing.

8. Forgive: Forgive you, forgive them, forgive, forgive...Even if there was an injustice done to you. FORGIVENESS helps RELEASE. This helps you get closure and keeps it MOVIN. Sometimes we hold on because we don't want to forget...we are in fear that this will happen again. Forgiveness let's us get unstuck so we are not living in the past and opens our heart to the PRESENT moment.

Of course, it will take some time but the more you focus on the positive and feel gratitude the more you allow your feelings and life to be transformed. As this situation, person or phase of life leaves you begin to enter a new phase. Think of all the amazing adventures you will experience and know that what makes this existence so enthralling ( enough to make us jump back in & reincarnate) is that its  a journey. It's up to you how much joy, love & abundance you allow.

Hoping that you let go easily & effortlessly as you welcome with joy; new awareness, opportunities and experiences that allow you to express your most ALIVE and happy self!

Smiles & Spirit,

Thursday, September 22, 2011

How Do You Know When God Is Trying To Tell You Something ?

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”― Anaïs Nin

Question: I always wonder how people interpret signs from God. How do you know? It’s a hard thing to describe. What do you think?-Cocoa Popps, NYC

As Iyanla Vanzant said at a the Hay House conference, “It all begins in the mind.” How people interpret signs from God, a look from a stranger or even street signs on any given street…begins from each and every individual’s own mind. So before we can look at how we may interpret signs from God, we have to look at ourselves more closely.

These core beliefs that create the way we see the world are learned from our families, culture and personal experience. The key here is that they are learned and can be unlearned when they don’t serve our highest and most fabulous good.

Ask yourself: How do I see the world? What do I believe about life? Do I believe in love? Do I believe that it’s supposed to hurt? What defines success for me? What is my belief and relationship to God? The way we define anything has an impact on how we define everything. Our beliefs color our lens and our thoughts, feelings, reactions and experience will become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Do you think that you exist in a fundamentally benevolent world? Or do you believe deep in your heart that it’s a cruel, do-eat-dog existence? Is your version of God, loving and kind? Or punishing?

What we believe…is inevitably what we perceive. This will affect how we define, experience and react what we may call signs from God. For example if the world is a frightening place were there is not enough for everyone a pink slip from a job can seem to be the end of the world. It can make someone wonder/believe they if they were betrayed by a co-worker, an employer or even God.

Another person, trusting in the Universe’s benevolence might be surprised at first, even worried and then decide that its God’s way of saying, “Your time here is done. Take some time off and explore options that may make you happier.”

If your worldview includes that the world is to end in 2012, every earthquake, all political unrest and each piece of disturbing nightly news feeds into your belief as “signs” that the world is ending. If you believe that God is kind and this Universe is benevolent you may very well notice greater kindness in the Universe, more people meditating, an overall increased spiritual awareness in the world that may be signs to you that our Earthly existence is going thru a consciousness shift rather than a “physical end.”

For example, I believe that I am a child of God and that the Universe is conspiring towards my outrageous success! So when it’s time for me to leave a situation, or someone calls me with an opportunity, I see it as a sign and explore it! It doesn’t mean that its not scary but I trust the Universe and while it may not look exactly the way I thought it would…my signs lead me to greater peace and joy.
How to receive and understand a sign from God:

1. Breathe deeply: Take several deep breaths. Allow yourself to truly breathe. So often we do not let ourselves breathe deeply because we fear feeling our feelings.

2. Feel however you feel: Allow yourself in this moment to just feel however you feel as you breathe deeply.

3. Allow yourself to be present: Close your eyes. Gently allow yourself to be present and release attachments to the past and worries of the future. Bring your full attention into the present moment.

4. Pray: One of my favorite prayers, ”Dear God/Goddess/Ganesha/Great Spirit help me to believe the truth about myself – no matter how beautiful it is!”- M. Wiederehr

5. Ask for answers: Most religions and spiritual paths express the idea, “Ask & you shall receive.” Dear God/Goddess/Great Spirit please help me see, know, understand and act on your signs as inspiration for my highest good.”

6. Trust: Know that as you quiet your mind, connect to yourself and open to your divine connection, that the prayers and asking has reached its sacred mark.

7. Pay attention: Watch, listen, breathe and allow yourself to be still. Is what you are sensing as a sign of God bringing you to greater peace? Is it filling you with hope? Is it unsettling in the moment because it asks that you release or let go of something that you want to hold on to? Imagine that you are brave enough to go through the changes… do you see the light at the end of the tunnel? Remember that in order to bring in what you are wanting, whether true love, great friends, new clothes or a successful career…we must be ready to let go of what no longer serves us. Not because it is “bad” simply because it has served you as well as it could and now as you are evolving, so are the relationships, jobs and experiences that you are having.

8. Be open: Signs from the Divine come in emails, a stranger on the bus, random occurrences that are really synchronistic answers to your prayers, a dream, a commercial, a song on the elevator, Oprah, a chance meeting, an unseen break-up, your mom’s advice, your best friend’s jokes, re-runs, an inner feeling or sense, knowing things without knowing how you “know.” Basically, we are in communication with God…all the time, whether we are open or not. When we are open we feel supported and connected to something greater. When we are closed, we feel disconnected, lost and sometimes abandoned.

And remember if you don’t like the way things feel in your world…you can always change your mind.

Smiles & Spirit,